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For a few types of non-catalog injectors, we are proud to offer a "Test and Repair" option.  If your injectors fail testing, we can repair them on a one-for-one basis.  The charge to repair a non-catalog injector will be the cost of replacement parts plus actual labor.  Final costs will vary, of course, and repairs are subject to overall injector condition and parts availability.  If you choose to go down this path, be forewarned - Phoenix Technique is the last dangling link on a long and sinuous global supply chain.  Turn-around time on repair jobs is quoted at a minimum of 10 business days - and could likely be longer.  We will waive any testing fee on each injector that is repaired.  Repaired injectors are backed by a 13 month warranty, and are otherwise subject to the same terms and conditions as our catalog remanufactured products.  Please refer to our warranty page for details.

Repair jobs require a non-refundable $145 deposit to be paid after the customer accepts the quote and before parts will be ordered or work started.  Please refer to the Non-Catalog Test list to see if your injector is eligible for the Test and Repair option.