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Phoenix Technique Test and Advise

Any time you open the hood and pick up a wrench, it costs time and money.  Sometimes only a little of one, but a lot of the other.  Sometimes not much of either, sometimes way to much of both.  You know that doing the job right the first time means savings, and we can help you do just that.  

Phoenix Technique's Test and Advise Service is a unique program that can give you piece of mind for only a little time and a little money.  Send us your injectors - even if they aren't injectors we currently offer in our catalog.  We'll clean them externally, inspect them thoroughly and perform a full electrical assessment of the piezo element or coil.  We'll test with our state-of-the-art injector test bench, and advise you of the results.  

We make the process easy.  Just click the links below to start your order.  Send us your injectors, give us a couple days to process the order, and when we're done we'll let you know how healthy the injectors are.