Core Policy

Phoenix Technique NEVER charges an up-front deposit on core. 

The price you see on your injector is the price you pay (plus any applicable taxes or tarriffs).  If you wish to purchase an injector with no core obligations, we'll be forced to charge you $105 per injector to pay for a replacement core.   

Customers have thirty (30) days from date of purchase to return their core to us.  Customers pay for the return shipping and whatever method you choose is up to you.  If you call or email us, we will add the cost of a core return label to your order and send it to you via email.  

If your cores have not been received within thirty (30) days, we will charge your account $105 per injector as a core deposit. 

Core returned within sixty (60) days from the date of shipment by Phoenix Technique will result in an automatic refund of any core deposit - provided they meet the core acceptance conditions listed below.  Partial credit may be issued for cores not meeting the acceptance conditions.   

If your core is not received returned within sixty (60) days from the date of shipment by Phoenix Technique, we will close out your order.  This means we will not be able to automatically refund your core deposit.  You will have to contact our customer service department to have a refund issued.  This is going to be a huge hassle for everyone involved.  You'll still get your refund, but you really should know better.  We're not mad, just disappointed, that's all.  Just call us or email and let us know if something comes up, and we'll work with you to keep from having to go this route.  

Provided customer returned core meets the above Acceptance Provisions, Phoenix Technique will provide the customer with core credit as follows:

For purchases made via credit card or other electronic methods, core credit will be electronically transferred to the originating account.  Purchase made via check or money order will have a check in the amount of the core credit mailed to the purchasers specified address.   

If you are a Phoenix Technique customer with core you'd like to sell, please contact our core manager at, or call us.  WE BUY CORE!  We pay fair market value for core (only injectors we sell in our catalog) for meeting our acceptance provisions.  What are those provisions?  Funny you should ask...



Phoenix Technique requires the customer to rerun core in a condition that is suitable for remanufacture.  All returned core is visually inspected upon receipt, and to receive full credit, the core must meet the following standards:

  1. No visible mechanical damage to the high pressure inlet.
  2. No visible damage to the leak-off (return) fitting.  
  3. No visible damage to electrical connector, including any retaining tabs and other molded plastic features.
  4. No visible damage to the injector body.
  5. No obvious signs of previous disassembly.  
  6. No signs of exposure to excessive high temperatures or (engine) fire.  
  7. No excessive amounts of external corrosion or rust.  

Core not meeting the standards described above will not be accepted for credit by Phoenix Technique.  

Part numbers for cores returned must align with the product purchased by the customer, like for like.  Cores returned that have a different part or application number than the invoiced injectors will not be accepted for credit by Phoenix Technique.