Warranty Policy

Phoenix Technique will warrant remanufactured and catalog product for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.  Non-catalog products and testing and repair services are warranted for 13 months from date of purchase. 


Phoenix Technique warrants all products and services to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, and to perform comparably to OEM product when properly installed in the correct application by qualified persons.  In the event a claim is approved, Phoenix Technique will issue the purchaser either a direct replacement product or a full refund of their purchase price.  Phoenix Technique will not reimburse claimants for labor costs, materials consumed during installation and removal, or other indirect expenses.  Phoenix Technique is not liable for any consequential damages as a result of a product failure.  


Phoenix Technique requires that any Warranty claim be submitted directly to our Service Department.  All Warranty Claims must be submitted with:

  1. The original receipt or invoice for the product purchased, or a copy thereof.  Electronic copies will be accepted.
  2. A completed copy of the Phoenix Technique Warranty Claim form DW1 000, available by request from our Service Department. 
  3. For fuel injectors, the completed IQA (“trim code”) card for that injector’s installation is required.  Electronic copies will be accepted. 


Phoenix Technique will not warrant any product with defects found to include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Damage sustained in transit or shipping.  Shipping damage claims must be submitted to the carrier (mis)handling the order. 
  2. Defects in external visual appearance that do not affect the installation or function of the product.
  3. Failure of product from improper or negligent installation. 
  4. Failure of product from improper application or utilization.
  5. Failure of product due to modification or tampering by the user.
  6. Failure of product installed on vehicles or applications that have been modified from OEM specifications.
  7. Failure of product due to unrelated engine or system failure, including but not limited to:
    1. Engine oil loss, dilution, or contamination.
    2. Engine overheating due to cooling system failure.
    3. Engine damage from abuse or improper utilization. 
    4. Collision, fire, or flooding.
  8. Failure of product due to failures of “Upstream Fuel Systems”.  These include, but are not limited to failures of:
    1. Vehicle or application fuel filtration systems.
    2. Other fuel conditioning equipment (heaters, water separators, etc).
    3. Fuel pumps, both low-pressure supply and high-pressure common rail.
    4. Fuel pressure control equipment.
  9.  Failure of product as a consequence of fuel quality.  These include, but are not limited to:
    1. Improper fuel for application.
    2. Fuel contaminated by engine oil.
    3. Fuel contaminated by engine coolant.
    4. Fuel contaminated due to excess age or improper storage.
    5. Water in fuel.
    6. Bio fuel exceeding B20 blending or not in conformance with ASTM standards.
    7. Metallic, mineral, or organinc solid debris in fuel. 


In addition, Phoenix Technique will not process claims filed on the Exchanges of complete engine sets (i.e., all injectors installed into an engine at one time), or multiple injectors.  We consider these claims not warrantable, due to the high probability of upstream fuel system failures, or fuel contamination. 


The Return of the suspect product to Phoenix Technique by the claimant is required for the claimant to receive an exchange product, or credit for the original purchase price, for the claimed warranty.


Shipping costs for the return of suspect product will be covered by Phoenix Technique provided the above warranty return guidelines have been met by the claimant.