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What separates Phoenix Technique from other aftermarket suppliers?

We remanufacture and sell diesel fuel injectors. Not water pumps. Not wiper blades. No filter kits or keyless entry systems or turbochargers. Injectors. We believe in doing one thing, and doing it very, very well. Because we have focused our efforts on doing this one thing, we’re able to keep our costs to a minimum - which means when you buy our injectors, you’re not paying for a lot of overhead and inventory. Just the common rail injectors you need for your vehicle. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Remanufacturing techniques developed and used by Phoenix Technique ensure that every remanufactured injector shipped performs as correctly and as reliably as it did when it was first produced. To maintain customer value, we rigorously inspect and measure components prior to rebuilding the injector, reworking, or replacing the components as needed to ensure top performance. We purchase new components from the world’s premier precision diesel component manufacturers to ensure performance, reliability, and durability throughout the life of our product. Every injector remanufactured by Phoenix Technique is thoroughly tested to verify that our supplier’s components, and our own remanufacturing processes, are flawless. Every remanufactured Bosch injector is assigned a new trim code, electronically tailored from its unique performance characteristics, to ensure top performance when installed in your vehicle. We make sure our remanufactured injectors are packaged securely to make sure it arrives to you clean, intact, and ready to install.