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We are dedicated to delivering customer value.  Not the false "value" that comes from buying the cheapest product, or the perceived "value" that comes from buying a big name product.  Real value, which comes from buying a product that does it's job and does it without needlessly adding cost and complexity.  We build value into our injectors by building efficiency into our operations.  We strive to remove all non-value activity from our workplace - no couches in the break room or foosball tables on the shop floor.  We are comfortable doing things different from our competitors, even when it goes against the accepted practices.  Old World Craftsmanship is all fine and good if you want to build eight bespoke injectors a week, but our customers need their product sooner than that.  We remanufacture the highest quality remanufactured diesel fuel injectors possible, at the best price, and then we ship them to you.  No middlemen, no warehouses, no commissions or handling fees.  

We’ve built our entire business around one objective:  To make our customers successful.  When our customers are successful, then so are we.  Not when we make the sale or when we balance the books at the end of the month.  We are only really successful when our customer is back on the road with our help.